Art Deco

The term refers to a style that emerged in the art market, following the “Jugendstil”, and that reached its climax between the two world wars. Precious, exotic woods, ivory, leather and metals, combined with symmetrical, linear principles of design, were used to make great masterpieces of artisanal craftsmanship.

~ 1915 - 1935

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W390 k chenschrank jugendstil art deco j.

Küchenschrank Jugendstil Art Deco

W390 schlitten 1

Lenkbarer Schlitten

W390 img 4060

Paar Sessel

W390 wk regal schrank makassar vorn

Vitrine WK-Möbel Makassar

W790 nuss vitrine 3

Art Deco Bücherschrank Vitrine

Restaurierter großer Bücherschrank von ca. 1930. Nussbaum.

W390 sitzgruppe sofa 2 sessel 2

Sitzgruppe Sofa + 2 Sessel

W390 regal klein 1


W390 art deco tisch messing 2

Art Deco Tisch

W390 art deco hocker restauriert

Art Deco Bauhaus Hocker

W390 art deco k che 1

Küchenschrank Art Deco

W790 art deco k che klein

Küchenschrank Art Deco

Restaurierter kleinerer Schrank von 2. Art Deco ca. 1930. Maße: 114 x 56 x 190 H.

W390 drehstuhl