Art Nouveau

“Jugendstil” or “Art Nouveau” is an art-historic epoch at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The German name originates from the magazine “Jugend”, that was first published in 1896. The style is characterised by strongly stylized forms of nature, primarily floral. However, beauty, functionality, and the conscious use of individual materials were equally important. Despite all decorative elements, due to industrial production, the furniture is simple. During this period entire rooms were increasingly designed as a whole. Other names for this style are “Reformstil” or “Sezessionstil”, after the Viennese Secession, or, in English, Modern Style, and in Italian “Stile Floreale”, or “Liberty”.

~ 1890 - 1920

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W390 img 4022

Stühle verschiedene

W390 11


W390 img 4070

Tisch Jugendstil Art Deco

W390 nachtschr nke 1

Paar Jugendstil Nachtschränke

W790 paar st hle

Paar Stühle

Sehr ausgefallene Stühle. Ca. 1920 gebaut.

W390 gz schrank nuss

Spiegel-Schrank Jugendstil

W390 kinderbett jugendstil

Kinderbett Jugendstil

W390 schreibtisch wh jugendstil

Schreibtisch Jugendstil

W390 schrank jugendstil


W390 art deco schrank


W790 vitrine glasschrank


Schöner praktischer Schrank von ca. 1920. Weichholz. Maße: 112 x 40 x 202 H.

W390 eiche jugendstil ausziehtisch

Tisch ausziehbar Jugendstil