Baroque is a European style period from 1600 to 1770. It is characterised by strong, exuberant shapes, and rich, curvy lines. The style is characterised by the pursuit of splendour and representation. During late Baroque, nearly every element leads into curvy, swelling forms, is playful, and avoids symmetry.

~ 1600 - 1770

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W390 neobarock stuhl sessel

Paar Sessel / Armlehnstühle

W390 img 4040


W390 img 4028


W390 neobarockschrank eiche vorn

Schrank Neobarock

W790 truhe barock wh flach

Barock Truhe

Weichholz - Flachdeckel- Truhe. Restauriert. Maße: 116 x 60 x 60 Höhe.

W390 neobarock tisch

Tisch Barock - Neobarock