The Bauhaus was originally a school of architecture and fine arts. Walter Gropius founded it in Weimar in 1919. His aim was to unite art and technology. In the construction of furniture, the school turned away from historicism and “Jugendstil”. This lead to the development of modern shapes which revealed the use of modern technology. Plywood and tubular steel furniture were used by, among others, Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, Mies van der Rohe, Thonet, and Mauser to produce design classics that are still produced today.

~ 1919 - 1940

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W390 img 4048

Tisch Deutsche WK Möbel

W390 tagesbett 1

Tagesbett Daybed Bauhaus

W390 bauhaus armlehnstuhl


W390 img 4078

Paar Mauser Freischwinger

W790 img 4080

Original Thonet S43 F Leder

Neu gepolsterter Thonet Freischwinger mit Armlehnen.

W390 breuer stuhl

Stuhl Bauhaus Embru Marcel Breuer

W390 hocker alvaar

Artek Hocker Aalvar Aalto

W390 tisch 1


W390 halabala tisch 1

Halabala Couchtisch

W390 stahlrohr hocker bauhaus

Stahlrohr Hocker

W790 etagere eisen


Große Etagere aus Eisen. Höhe 205 cm, Durchmesser unten 60 cm.

W390 paar schulst hle 1

Paar Stühle Industriedesign USA