The name was originally an ironic term, derived from the titles of two of Viktor von Scheffels poems: “Biedermanns Abendmüdigkeit” and “Bummelmaiers Klage”. “Biedermeier” denotes the period between the Viennese Congress of 1815 and the revolution of 1848. It primarily refers to a bourgeois lifestyle. In the construction of furniture, it marked an alternative to aristocratic tastes. The furnishing was no longer for representative purposes, but emphasised comfortable and unostentatious ways of life. Clear outlines and straight shapes dominated. The light woods and subtly bending lines make the furniture very usable and discretely elegant.

~ 1800 - 1850

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Paar Stühle Biedermeier

W390 img 4061

Tafeltisch nach Maß

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Standspiegel Biedermeier

W390 biedermeier vitrinenschrank neu

Biedermeier Vitrinenschrank

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Elegantes Sofa von ca. 1830. Nussbaum mit Intarsien. Vor einigen Jahren neu bezogen. Maße: 185 cm Länge, 63 cm Tiefe, 98 cm Höhe.

W390 biedermeier schrank birke

Schrank Biedermeier

W390 schrank biedermeier 1

Biedermeier Schrank

W390 biedermeier schrank mit schubladen


W390 biedermeierschrank 1 t rer orig.

Biedermeierschrank 1-Türer

W390 sekret r biedermeier birke

Sekretär Biedermeier

W790 vitrine mahagoni biedermeier

Vitrine Biedermeier

Restaurierte klassische Vitrine mit Schublade von ca. 1820. Mahagoni hell. Maße: 103 Breite, 36 Tiefe, 180 Höhe.