The term „Gründerzeit“ was originally only used to denote the economic upturn after the German Empire was founded in 1871. However, historically the term is now used for the time period between 1870 and 1914. The decisive societal norm “Fülle = Wohlhaben” ("fullness = prosperity") embodies the shift to historicism. Historicism is the imitation of historic styles such as the Gothic, the Renaissance and the Rococo. Thus, the furniture is characterised by angular shapes, a rich structure and decoration.

~ 1870 - 1910

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W390 schreibtisch gr nderzeit

Schreibtisch Gründerzeit

W390 tresen vorderseite

Tresen Gründerzeit

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Schreibtisch Gründerzeit

W390 gr nderzeitschrank esche

Schrank Gründerzeit

W790 gr nderzeit schrank nussbaum


Kleiner Schrank mit Säulen von ca. 1880-90. Nussbaum. Maße: 111 x 48 x 180 H.

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